Dr. Rajan Sankaran

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RELAUNCH of the Online Seminar from 30.4. – 3.5.2020 with Rajan Sankaran until 15th August 2020

Due to the great demand we offer the online seminar with Rajan Sankaran once again as a discounted relaunch. So all those who missed this great seminar will have the opportunity to attend it again and benefit from it.

Of course we will provide all seminar documents as download.

Because it is a video recording, it can be paused, fast-forwarded or rewound at any time, depending on your own pace and needs.

If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me.

Otherwise you can register here and pay via Paypal or send me a copy of the bank transfer with your registration.

I wish you good learnings at this special seminar

Mike Keszler (Organizer)

Dear colleagues, friends and fellow homeopaths,

as Covid-19 continues to have a profound impact on each and every one of us, it also provides a unique opportunity to explore new ways of learning. This is why we are thrilled to offer an ONLINE seminar with Dr. Rajan Sankaran. The seminar will be streamed LIVE and give all of us a chance to keep up with Rajan’s vast and ever evolving experience and insights.

Rajan has taken the art of homeopathic case-taking to new heights and will introduce simple but effective tools that will enable us to lead our patients straight to the very depths of his or her individual sensation. Using the repertory as a primary tool for case analysis, he will show us different approaches to how this valuable asset can be employed for best results and help us to better differentiate the enormous number of remedies in our Materia Medica.

Rajan will share with us his latest research on the subclasses of the plant kingdom as well as introduce us to his concept of ‘superclasses’. In the ‘superclasses’ various common themes are grouped together to bring new insights into the kingdoms of nature.

Requirements: No special or technological knowledge is needed. Once you have fully registered and paid for the seminar, we will send a link for you to join. Please note that this is will be an interactive seminar and all participants will be able to ask questions. Rajan will answer live also.

It will be an exciting new venture featuring a number of advantages:

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home
  • Always enjoy front row seats
  • No travel expenses
  • No additional cost for accommodation
  • No expenses for entertainment
  • No queue at the buffet counter at lunchtime
  • After lunch nap in your own bed optional
  • Individual preferences may be accommodated (vegan, vegetarian food, schnitzel, beer, tea…)

We are looking forward to an inspiring and enjoyable experience and would be very happy to welcome you. Please join us and continue to study in times of Corona.


Mike Keszler (Organizer) and Dr. Rajan sankaran

Here is some feedback from the live participants:

Pascale : thank you, a real enrichment. I understood it for the first time, for years I have come much, much further in my understanding today. I have not become tired either

Nina: I would also like to express my deep gratitude, everything is going well and smoothly, and is super instructive

Jsabelle: everything very well comprehensible - great, thank you very much!

Silke: It is presented very clearly for me - keep it up, please!

Claudia: I think it's great, although I got to know homeopathy differently, it gives me a new deep

Michael: No question, the seminar is great, even though I miss the other participants.

Gloria: This superclass thought is exactly what I've been looking for lately... i.e. I have this case over and over again - it's this and this theme in the mineral kingdom it would be this middle series but I need a plant... or an animal...

Petra: Thank you very much for this great and inspiring seminar and the beautiful music during the breaks. Wonderful the explanations for the differentiation of subkl. 4 and 5. It was always very difficult with "wanting to get out". Now it is clear.

Claudia: Good morning, dear Rajan and team! I have no question, but as a feedback I would like to say that I am very grateful for the explanations about the monocots. It has illuminated an unimaginable number of little lights in my head! The WISE method is also sensational for me. MUCH THANKS!

First of all many thanks for the great seminar with Rajan. I have learned a lot and feel inspired. At first I was not sure how well it works online and how comfortable it will make me feel. But now I found it surprisingly pleasant. Only that of course I missed the personal exchange and the meetings with the other participants.

THANK YOU! Once again, many thanks for this excellent webinar and the great organisation! Even though it is very unusual to sit alone behind the screen and miss all the breaktime conversations and informal exchanges, these are real rays of hope in these difficult times.

Birgitt: The wonderful seminar captivated and inspired me! Rajan was again so clear and instructive and pioneering! I was also enthusiastic about today's digital options to get in touch with people all over the world in such a visible and tangible way; the personal contact and exchange with colleagues, which I always appreciate very much at the seminars, was of course missing something...but so we were united worldwide in terms of content and homeopathy and this energy is also an important and positive signal!

Gerti: I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot again. From nobody else you can learn so much in terms of case intake and analysis - and I also found the additions to Yakir's group analyses extremely helpful. The place in the first row was also something special and it was also great that you can still look at what you missed in the records!

Bettina: it is wonderful, very clear and easy to understand

Cornelia: I learn a different way of homoepathy which challenges and motivates me!

Angelica: Thanks so much! Great lecture! No sleeping :) Want to learn more;))

- It's super this webinar! Thank you so much! You are so professional even through this webinar. I learn a different way of homoepathy which challenges and motivates me! For the first time I understand, I improved today so much more in my understanding compared to the last years.

Seminar Fees

350 €

Student rate 250 € (please enclose a copy of your student ID with your registration)

The seminar will be online until 28 June.

For bank transfer via Paypal, please follow the link below:


or by bank transfer:

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Conditions of participation

All participants are subject to the duty of confidentiality regarding the case studies.

Click on the following link to access the SHARE registration form. From there you can select the appropriate seminar.

Date and content is coming when crisis is over

Dr. Rajan Sankaran became familiar with homeopathy through his father at an early age and later studied with many other great Indian homeopaths such as Phatak, and Chakravarty. He has contributed significantly to the development of homeopathy as a systematic and reliable method and is today one of the world's leading homeopaths.

He passes on his knowledge and experience around the globe in countless lectures, books and seminars. From the very beginning, his focus has been on the 'central disturbance' and the 'central delusional idea of the patient', which seizes the whole person and therefore causes symptoms on all levels. This delusion ensures that external reality is perceived in a distorted way and that one can no longer react to it appropriately. Thus, one responds to the world with a specific pattern of perception and behaviour that is in resonance with a certain substance from nature. The later discovered vital sensation enables the homeopath to detect these mostly hidden, unconscious patterns in the patient and to bring them into analogy with a substance from the nature kingdoms, the homeopathic remedy. Today he masterfully combines this method with classical homeopathy according to Hahnemann, Bönninghausen and Boger.
Rajan Sankaran has enriched and expanded homeopathy like no other. This includes above all:
- the seven levels of perception, which provide helpful orientation during the anamnesis, e.g. to determine the appropriate approach in each case, or to enable a hierarchy of symptoms and to determine the correct dosage of medication during analysis.
- the determination of the kingdom of nature by the way the patient experiences his pathology and his environment often allow a narrowing down of the choice of remedy, whereby numerous remedies can already be excluded or, after repertorisation, be used for differential diagnosis.
- the extension to ten miasmas, which find their counterparts analogous to other representative disease patterns, such as acute, typhoid, ringworm, malaria and leprosy.
- last but not least, the discovery of the vital sensation, which can ultimately be seen as a consistent further development of Boenninghausen's generalization. By linking it to the levels of perception and the nature kingdoms, it enables us to work much more precisely and effectively.
- About two years ago, with the '8 Boxes', he provided an extremely valuable and practical analysis tool that helps one to include all aspects of the case in the analysis
- His latest findings relate to the overriding sentience topics of the subclasses in the plant kingdom and the so-called 'superclass' which gives an overview of the relationship between the kingdoms of nature. For example, there are common themes of the second class in the PSE, the second subclass in the plant kingdom and the mollusks in the animal kingdom, namely inside and outside, retreating to a safe place and going outside where it can be threatening. These insights will not only enable us to better narrow down the choice of funds, but also to better avoid confusion.
He has written a number of books, which have also been translated into German:
The Spirit of Homeopathy
The Substance of Homeopathy
The Soul of Remedies
The System of Homeopathy
Insights into the Plant Kingdom
The Sensation in Homeopathy
The Other Song and much more others